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You've lost a tooth, or perhaps several. Chewing is difficult and smiling, well it's too embarrassing. There is no question that the quality of your life has changed. Dental implants are the solution to renewing your smile, your chewing ability and quite frankly your quality of life.

NewTom GiANO 3D Cone Beam Dental Imaging System

We make use of the Award-Winning NewTom GiANO 3D Cone Beam Dental Imaging System for Optimum Results in Implant Placement. This machine takes a 3 dimensional picture of the jaw which allows us to know exactly where to position an implant.


  • NewTom GiANO 3D Cone Beam Dental Imaging System allows us to get a complete picture of the patient’s underlying bone and tissue when evaluating for dental implants.
  • This state-of-the-art-technology shows a detailed, 3-dimensional cross section of the area being scanned offering the highest level of surgical predictability, resulting in successful surgical outcomes for patients.
  • A quick and easy 20-second scan produces the most anatomically accurate 3-D images of the mouth, face, and jaw.
  • Within minutes of the 3D scan, we are able to map an entire course of treatment from surgical placement of the implant and abutment, all the way to final restoration.

We can thus offer our patients an immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment plan-all in one visit.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. Dental implants can be placed in either the upper or lower jaws. Due to the biocompatible properties of titanium, a dental implant fuses with the bone and becomes a good anchor for the replacement tooth. Dental implants can be used in solutions for replacing single or multiple missing teeth.

Many people who consider implants have removable, conventional dentures for lower and upper jaws, or have removable bridges. These people experience a significant improvement in their ability to chew food comfortably after their dental implant treatment.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The implant team usually includes either a periodontist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who implants the posts into the patient’s mouth, and a prosthodontist or general dentist who designs and fits the replacement teeth or permanent bridge. Dmitriy Itskovich, DDS will implant, design and fit the replacement teeth or do restorative work on faulty crowns all in one office.

  • 1. At the first appointment, we use 3D Cone Beam Imaging to determine if the jaw bone is adequate to hold the titanium posts.
  • 2. Within minutes of the 3D CT Scan, we are able to offer patients an immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment plan-all in one visit.
  • 3. Treatment with dental implants requires meticulous planning for best results.
  • 4. A surgical procedure is required (using local anesthetic and sedative) in which precision channels are created in the jawbone, often using a surgical guide. The implants are then fitted into the sites so that they are in contact with the bone. They generally require two to six months to fuse to the bone before they can have tooth restorations attached to them to complete the process.
  • 5. Immediately - at the same time an implant is placed (or after a period of healing), an abutment is attached to the implant. This is a device that “abuts” or joins the implant to a tooth form called a crown, which replaces the tooth part you see in the mouth.
  • 6. The custom crown is cemented or screwed onto the abutment to permanently keep it in place and should be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Is Old Age a Problem?

Occasionally, older patients express concern that their age may prevent them from enjoying the benefits of dental implants. However, health is more of a determining factor than age. If you’re healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, you’re probably healthy enough to receive dental implants. Certain chronic diseases may contraindicate dental implant treatment. The dentist will determine if you are a candidate for dental implants after a careful evaluation of your dental and health history.

How Will Dental Implants Affect My Life?

Dental implant-supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth. This means that you can eat and drink whatever you choose. But most importantly, dental implants improve quality of life in a very concrete way. People who have felt embarrassed and worried because of their tooth problems are often overwhelmed by what new permanent teeth can do for their self-esteem.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our office if you are considering dental implants.


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Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial
I had a painless crown prep. He is awesome.
—Mark S.
After researching options online, I booked an appointment for my girlfriend with Dr. Itskovitch at the Gaithersburg location for a lengthening procedure and two crowns. She had a last minute work issue come up on the day of her appointment, and had to call the office to try to reschedule with only a few hours notice. The receptionist was wonderful - she called the other people with appointments around the same time to see if they could change to allow my girlfriend's appointment to be moved to later. The appointment was moved and Dr. Itskovitch even stayed late to finish the lengthening procedure. I'm not trying to encourage folks to change their appointments last minute - this instance was a true necessity - but we really appreciated the effort put in by the office since I know they didn't have to. Further, the quality of care was great and the prices for the crowns and lengthening were reasonable for the procedures undertaken (at least compared to prices in DC). The office also takes CareCredit, which can help with spreading out the cost of procedures without interest for a period of time.
—Casey P.
I'm so surprised this place has no reviews . I was browsing to get a root canal I searched on google , and this dental office came up first . I have asked them if they do root canal treatment, the lady said yes , I have asked how long experience they have because my dentist told me I would have to go somewhere for my root canal treatment . The lady on the phone said oh long experience don't worry . So I went in , everyone was nice . I felt very comfortable , the dentist didn't mind giving me more shots I have asked him for more because I didn't want to feel a thing . My treatment ended up being a re treatment because my previous dentist did not complete my treatment all the way which made my tooth go worse . The dentist said he will try his best . I wish they take my insurance , I will come here because he seems experienced based on the questions I have asked . They take care credit . He even offered me antibiotics prescription to pick up at cvs .
—Kim A.
Dr. Regina, Galina and Sharmaine (forgive if any names are spelled incorrectly) are all excellent in their given roles. I went in for a root canal and crown and was very impressed by the virtually pain free experience. I intend on using them for all of my dental care!
—Lynn A.
I had my first appointment yesterday and the experience was great! The dentist, the dental assistant, and the woman [with short hair] behind the front desk, were all so kind and so helpful! I wish I found this office before I went to so many other dentists! For once I am not nervous for my next appointment, I am actually looking forward to it!
—K R.
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Itskovich. I was unhappy with the veneers I had (old veneers were done by a different dentist) and Dr. Itskovich did an amazing job replacing them. My new veneers are natural looking and just beautiful. He exceeded my expectations. His services are fairly priced and his staff in the office is fantastic! Liliana, the receptionist, was incredibly helpful and kind!
—Elena Zharkova
I had nothing but great ... The best dentist I have ever been to!
—Lana Mikhaylenko
Exceptionally good dentist, gentle and proficient. Won't leave any single spot unattended.
—Dmitri Dmitrienko
Good service with minimum pain and discomfort
—Aiden Rossoshek
A best friend of mine referred me to Dr. Itskovich who has an office on Rockville Pike next to Lord & Taylor's. Idk if that's N Bethesda or Rockville, but it's the medical bldg on the White Flint side. Parking a snap. Back to my comments about what an excellent oral surgeon Dr Itskovitch truly is. Full disclosure, I have a dental phobia which I admitted. His welcoming manner was just what I needed. I was given several options by the doctor to treat my painful infection. I appreciated the respect I was given as I considered my next steps. My eventual treatment involved an extraction. Again I was provided a wide range of pain-reduction for the surgery; I felt reassured that I would not feel pain. Of course, the procedure was over in ridiculously short time. (Earbuds, music and sunglasses are my trick) Follow-up care has been great. I vouch for Dr Itskovitch completely.
—Nancy C.
It was excellent. Staff and doctors are great.
—Diane J.
I really dislike going to the dentist because it is usually painful . However , I found Dr. Itskovitch after visiting 3 other dentists and chose him! I had a root canal procedure and was petrified . Tooth was throbbing for a week from pain. As soon as I called him. They got me in the SAME day and for half the price of all the other places. The whole procedure was done in one day and I literally felt practically NO pain. I may also add he is kind and patient. I am going in a week for my crown. I like him a lot and will continue future procedures with him!
—Jen R.
CHIPPED TEETH AND SLEEP APNEA DEVICE ADJUSTMENT My two front teeth chipped and my regular dentist was not able to fix them. I contacted Dmitiry Itskovitch DDS office and I was able to get an appt within a couple days! Tuesday evenings would be best due to my 8a-5p office. That Tuesday I was not able to fit it in, so I went in on my lunch hour today. What a REMARKABLE difference!!! the teeth were matched exactly to the bond used to correct the chipped teeth. This is a much better quality process than my regular dentist! His kind and courteous manner was very impressive. I also had him adjust my sleep apnea mouthpiece, which I purchased from the office 2 years ago. I would recommend RND Dental to anyone looking for a professional bed side manner dentist. Now I can smile like a Queen! and sleep like a baby. Thank you
—Nancy B.
Thank you! You are the best. I am so happy that you are my orthodontist. You are very lucky to have Mariluz and Liliana on your staff they are highly competent and culturally and linguistic appropriate for the Latino community of the Washington, DC Metro Area.
—Miguel Aguero
Dr. Itskovich is an excellent dentist who is very supportive of nervous patients like myself. He and his team create a welcoming atmosphere and he has a gentle touch. I have been going to him for several years and appreciate his skill and his ability to lessen my anxiety.
—Roberta H
Dr D Itskovich is very knowledgable at the latest dental researchers & technology. He is very experience dentist.
—Vladimir G.
Very efficient office. Great cleaning. Dr. I is a very pleasant person and enjoyable to talk with.
—Robert R.
It was a good visit but I expected he got the treatment I should follow but he did not have it yet.
—Margarita L.
He is the best and nicest dentist I've ever been to. Great!
—Arvin N.
I trust no other Dentist with the care of my teeth! I came to this office feeling ugly and depressed! I lost my confidence with a chipped tooth in the top front of my mouth. I hated to smile. I had MD Medicaid which IS NOT ACCEPTED HERE. I was told not to worry to apply for Care Credit. I was approved and was given a temporary cap. WHICH LASTED 4YEARS due to financial difficulties. ( SPEAKS OF THE PROFESSIONAL SKILLS OF THE DENTIST) I have come back 4 years later, the cap broke beyond repair and again I’m in tears! Dentist Regina Stryapko, said she can get a temporary top plate! This Dentist, Regina Stryapko, is AMAZING! The work she does is PRICELESS! She is more than a Dentist, she cares about YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! If you’re in need of a Personal, Professional, Caring and Compassionate Dentist to PROVIDE EXCELLENT SERVICE, LOOK NO LONGER , MAKE THE APPOINTMENT THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Vonnie
—vonnie uzoukwu
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